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Internationlization Project page.


OpenPNE is currently heavily focused on japanese, but an internationalisation project is underway. Please let us know if you can help.

There are two chunks of work that need to be done.

1) converting templates to use tags

The smarty templates used by openPNE currently have japanese text inside the template. These words need to be replaced with tags. eg: 友達リスト -> replace with {#friendsList#} The template files are the .tpl files, and can be found in your PNE installation in

  • webapp/modules/pc/templates
  • webapp/modules/ktai/templates

Since these files are part of the source code, you'll have to edit them locally and for now send them into someone who has "commit privileges" to add back to the main openPNE build.

2) translation of tags

We then need to provide "lookup tables" for these tags, in your different languages. We need to make a separate file for each language. We decided to use the wiki for this, so everyone can edit and add to the ilst easily, then just copy the page down and save as a text file. These files will go somewhere like

  • webapp/lang/en/config.php
  • webapp/lang/ja/config.php

these are smarty "configuration files". eg

friendsList=Friends List


This work has just started, so please join in and we can get it done quickly!

If you don't see your language here, click below to "edit this page" and add a new link!

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